Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

6 05 2013

Alice in Zombieland is the first book of ‘The White Rabbit Chronicles’ by Gena Showalter.

The story begins with Alice Bell on her sixteenth birthday. Being pestered by her eight year old sister Emma to persuade their mother to ask their slightly paranoid father to attend a dance recital. Their father has always made his feelings known about his family being outside of the house after dark as his fear of the same ‘monsters’ that killed his own father had escalated over the years. Finally he agrees for his family to attend a normal school function for the first time in sixteen years.

However coming towards the end of the night, Alice’s father’s psychosis escalates. Her mother insists on driving the car the long way home to try and calm her husband down but it is Alice’s words that persuades them to drive past the cemetery  despite her father’s frantic protests. There, in front of the hallowed ground of the cemetery, Alice’s life is turned upside down. Literally. The family car becomes involved in a horrific accident where all of Alice’s family die. All except Alice.

And it’s at the site of the accident that Alice gets her first look and understanding of the ‘monsters’ that plagued her father.

After the decision of letting her live with her grandparents and meeting a girl named Kat as she recovered in hospital, Alice, now going by the name of Ali, is ready for a new start in her new school Asher High. Go Tigers!

Until she meets Cole Holland.

Cole Holland and his gang of boys are the bad boys of the school. Known for getting into trouble around the town, where some of their close friends have even ended up dead. And yet once Alice and Cole’s eyes connect, they are instantly drawn into one another. And Alice knows that there is more to Cole then meets the eye. With constant signs and weird coincidences from Cole and his friends , Alice finally meets her monsters.


From yet another near death experience, Alice’s inner spirit is awoken and she can finally come to terms and understand the turmoil in which her father had suffered all those years. But even apart from the raging battles to ensue with the zombies, Alice has to compete against another enemy as well as taking criticism for her own unique abilities.

So much for a fresh start.


I really loved this book, more than I really anticipated that I would. So many reasons why it was such a brilliant book to dive into and not stop reading.

For starters the humor between friends and even enemies is amazing. It’s like sitting through your own banter filled feuds with your best friends. Alice as a main character especially doesn’t need much prompting with her quick witted statements. And she is so confident as a main character that you can follow her and her journey with such ease. Sometimes there are main characters who are action-ish but they need the support from the sub-characters. Alice doesn’t. Even Cole, initially thought of as a antagonist,  he is every good girl’s bad boy.

Then there is the zombies. Now we all know our average zombie types. Rotting flesh. Hungry for brains. Slow movements. Gena Showalter has taken those misconceptions of  these normally cast aside beings and made them into something that can finally class them as evil monsters. These zombie aren’t just a decomposing corpse that has risen from the grave. These zombies are infected spirits. Twice as dangerous, twice as evil and twice as organized. Fast, capable of hunting in large packs. These zombies have never been seen before in any fiction book that I have certainly read.

When I first picked up this book, I honestly didn’t know what I expected. To be honest I was expecting another version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as everyone knows and loves it, except it would be packed into the weird part of Alice’s mind. A Wonderland full of zombies. But that’s what instantly made me fall in love with this book as well, was the fact that we weren’t thrown into some bizarre Wonderland. The only reference to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was the fact that there is a sign to Alice that appears. It’s a white cloud shaped like a rabbit. And we all know that Alice followed the white rabbit into her wonderland, into danger.

It is definitely a book to pick up if you’re a zombie fanatic at the moment. Seeing as zombies are the ‘in’ thing this year. But not only should you read it for the kick ass zombies in it but there is also an element of a possible love story blooming. But I like the fact that it is not your mushy, ‘Twilight’, oh-I-can’t-live-without-you type of love. It is normal teenage love. It’s raw with genuine and passionate emotions, lined with jealous and dipped with resistance to not fit in and fall for a stereotype.

So go out and grab ‘Alice in Zombieland’ by Gena Showalter, embark on a longing for a fresh start that turns into a different new beginning of epic proportions. And plus you would be nice and ready and chomping at the bit (or arm) for book 2 of the White Rabbit Chronicles coming in September of this year, ‘Through the Zombie Glass’





2 responses

6 05 2013
Kallista Pendragon

This is a great review. I had my doubts when I look at the title. All I could think of was mindless zombies slowly wandering everywhere and very gross. I don’t like gross. 😛 But this review made me actually want to read the book and experience Alice’s adventures myself. Who knows, maybe it will even become a favorite! 😀
Great job Em!

24 08 2015

This is a very good book review! I have read the book myself already, and this is mostly accurate, so, good job!

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