Zom-B Mission by Darren Shan

12 07 2014

It has been a few months since B’s encounter on the HMS Belfast and the Board and she is losing patience and becoming bored. After the death of her artist friend Jonathan from the hordes of London’s undead, B took on the task of keeping his artwork safe and sorting them out. But she wants more from her role as an Angel. She often wonders if there is more or is Dr. Oystein trusting enough of her to give her more of a role.

During a soccer match between herself and fellow Angels, suddenly herself and her fellow room mates are called on for their first Angel mission. To escort some humans to a compound or a community for the living.

The mission and travelling through the treacherous streets of London seems to go off smoothly but soon they meet up with some more survivors in Hammersmith looking to make their way to the compound as well. As well as B meeting up with an old friend and her first interaction with someone from her past life.

Travelling to the compound, the group encounters what other dangers could be out there apart from zombies. Like wildlife.

When they finally arrive to the compound, they are welcomed with caution but allowed to be given a tour. While being walked around they encounter racist and bigoted people, bring B back to the days of her abusive father. The Angels are also told that the people in the compound are not the only ones out there, that there are bigoted people out there, waiting for their revolution and re-build the world to suit their ways.

The Angels mission suddenly turns into a rescue mission. One that is extremely personal for B and could open up old mental wounds but maybe the killer inside her is perfect for their new mission.

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I liked book seven particularly for the fact that we change location. Being in City Hall and exploring the ruins of London is fascinating because you can’t imagine London other than busy and full of activity, not in ruins. But when we are taken out of the London bubble and out into the countryside then we see how exactly the survivors are trying to survive.

The scene where the bird comes and encounters one of the children is probably a frightening scene for me but it makes the struggle of the survivors seem more real, that they are so exposed at all times, no matter what they do or how safe they think they are.

And the fact that once again, the racism card comes into a major play, which includes one of the biggest racist cult of all time makes it more real. That just because we are in the zombie apocalypse, doesn’t mean that everyday things and people’s disgusting attitudes evaporate. What is meant to be surviving together for a better day, still becomes the so called survival of the fittest among the living.

Again, Darren Shan just doesn’t fail to entice and en-capture his readers. Not only is he weaving the story and filling in gaps regarding the survivors but he is giving this group of Angels more confidence in themselves to complete missions but know that their missions don’t just end when the orders are finished but when they feel they have done their parts as Angels.


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Updated Book Covers for The Demonata

1 05 2013

The Demonata is the second series of books to come from the Master of Horror, Mr.Darren Shan. It brings together the characters of Grubbs Grady, Kernal Fleck and Bec MacConn over the 10 books as they all battle with inner curses, demons and the one constant evil that will not leave them alone. The demon master, Lord Loss.

I got my first Demonata book ‘Lord Loss’ during the summer of 2005. And since it was released in June of 2005, the cover was probably the very first cover for ‘Lord Loss’. Then for the Christmas of 2005, I got book two ‘Demon Thief’. Again, it was only released in the October time so it was the first cover for ‘Demon Thief’.


So then yesterday (30th of April 2013) Darren posted on his Facebook page that The Demonata is having a 2013 makeover. Yes, updated covers! Now there has been different covers for The Demonata as they were released to different countries but this decision for updated covers came from Darren’s publishers, HaprerCollins. They must have thought that the original covers weren’t appealing enough for today’s audience. Maybe kids aren’t as phased by book covers as they used to be or parents aren’t as overcautious when buying their kids books. So here are the new updated covers!


Now aren’t they just awesome!!

I will have to admit I am so blown away with these new covers that I just have the sudden need to go out and buy them. But then again, I would feel really guilty if I did because my whole series are the original covers and I hold them dear to me, especially since my ‘Bec’ is signed by Darren.

But they are really impressive. And the books aren’t disappointing either! They do exactly as they say on the cover. It’s just demons, demons and more demons, all that your little tainted hearts could desire.

And if you want to stay in touch or follow the updates from the author himself as he journeys on with his new series ‘Zom-b’ or first views of the new Demonata covers or anything else, here are all the links you need.

Darren’s official website: http://www.darrenshan.com/

Darren’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darrenshanofficial

Darren’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/darrenshan