I Recommend…

2 05 2013

I Recommend…

So for every month, I am going to try and recommend either booktube channels (book reviews on Youtube) or book review blogs and try and get people some well deserved views or new fans. It’s the least I could do as I know how tough it is to get youtube followers or blog followers.

So for the month of May, I am recommending to you a booktube channel. The users are Mary-Kate and Niamh, two friends from Northern Ireland who are big bookaholics. They are fairly new when it comes to booktubing as the channel was only set up around the end of March, beginning of April but I know Niamh through Derek Landy’s blog and she has such a love and flair for books. I can only assume that Mary-Kate has that same passion which is exactly what you need for a good booktube channel. There’s no point setting up a channel if you don’t love what you’re doing on it.

So the girls will be doing book reviews, reactions to movie trailers that are coming out (book related) and they will be posting when it comes to author events or signings. So I have a feeling that this channel will be packed full with everything a bookworm could ever hope for. I expect big things from these two girlies and I know that they will not disappoint.

Also I should mention that this channel isn’t just about the girls as they encourage and are welcome to all suggestions for books or movie trailers or movies. Just have to leave a comment on one of their videos or you can contact them through their twitters or the booktube’s tumblr account. They have all their contact details on their channel page.

So please give the girls a bit of support. Either subscribe to their channel, like and share a video and be involved in the new form of book reviews that is taking Youtube by storm.

So click the smaller ‘I Recommend’ link under the title and go and enjoy the channel!