Updated Book Covers for The Demonata

1 05 2013

The Demonata is the second series of books to come from the Master of Horror, Mr.Darren Shan. It brings together the characters of Grubbs Grady, Kernal Fleck and Bec MacConn over the 10 books as they all battle with inner curses, demons and the one constant evil that will not leave them alone. The demon master, Lord Loss.

I got my first Demonata book ‘Lord Loss’ during the summer of 2005. And since it was released in June of 2005, the cover was probably the very first cover for ‘Lord Loss’. Then for the Christmas of 2005, I got book two ‘Demon Thief’. Again, it was only released in the October time so it was the first cover for ‘Demon Thief’.


So then yesterday (30th of April 2013) Darren posted on his Facebook page that The Demonata is having a 2013 makeover. Yes, updated covers! Now there has been different covers for The Demonata as they were released to different countries but this decision for updated covers came from Darren’s publishers, HaprerCollins. They must have thought that the original covers weren’t appealing enough for today’s audience. Maybe kids aren’t as phased by book covers as they used to be or parents aren’t as overcautious when buying their kids books. So here are the new updated covers!


Now aren’t they just awesome!!

I will have to admit I am so blown away with these new covers that I just have the sudden need to go out and buy them. But then again, I would feel really guilty if I did because my whole series are the original covers and I hold them dear to me, especially since my ‘Bec’ is signed by Darren.

But they are really impressive. And the books aren’t disappointing either! They do exactly as they say on the cover. It’s just demons, demons and more demons, all that your little tainted hearts could desire.

And if you want to stay in touch or follow the updates from the author himself as he journeys on with his new series ‘Zom-b’ or first views of the new Demonata covers or anything else, here are all the links you need.

Darren’s official website: http://www.darrenshan.com/

Darren’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darrenshanofficial

Darren’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/darrenshan