First Book Blog

26 04 2013

I have never tried to do a book blog before. And I’ve been an avid reader for eleven years!

So now that I am into this whole blogging world, I’ve decided to start and see how well I can do and what everyone else thinks about how I do. I have always been trying to do so much with blogs before but then it would all become too much and I would end up falling behind on everything.

So I picked one thing to focus on at the moment and that is my books. As I said, I’ve been a avid reader since I was about twelve. And now in my early twenties, my book collection has just grown with ease and now my new books are piling up quickly as the authors are becoming more efficient in spitting out books.

They seriously need to stop writing books to give me a chance to at least catch up on plot lines or something. Common courtesy, really.

So this blog is all about books. Books I buy, books I’ve read, books I want to read, book signings, book/author events, book review YouTube channels… I think you get the idea. But that is basically all I will be concentrating on as it just seems that my attention span has an awful dose of stage fright.

So I hope you enjoy and I’m always here to listen to suggestions of books or if people have a different view or opinion on any of the books I review. Just remember to leave a comment, I’ll always see it.

Peace out x